Choosing the Best Paying Online Pokies

Pokies also called slots are one of the most entertaining games to play. Almost all online casinos worldwide feature pokies on their lobby. These games are designed by all kinds of developers and they come with several incredible features. In this guide, our experts will give you tips on how to choose online pokies that have the best payouts. You can visit for online pokies reviews.

Types of Online Pokies

Before we get started explaining how to choose the best payout online pokies, let's first discuss the different types of pokies that are provided by many online casinos. The common types of pokies you can play online includes the progressive jackpot pokies, 3D pokies, branded pokies, classic pokies, and multiplier pokies. Every pokie comes with its own unique theme and visuals which makes it appealing to players.

  • Online pokies are designed by game developers
  • Online pokies can be played on desktop and mobile

Even though there are differences in the visuals and sounds of all pokie games, they have the same gameplay. Among all the types of online pokies, the progressive pokies pay the highest as a result of its progressive jackpot nature. There are progressive jackpot slots that have paid players millions in the past such as the Mega Fortune by Netent and Mega Moolah by Microgaming.

Online Pokies RTP and Payout

Return to Player percentage is one of the first few things that you should check when choosing an online pokie. This is defined as the percentage of the overall amount of money wagered which the game will give back as winnings to players eventually. The RTP plays a massive role in the returns that players should expect from the game over the course of its lifespan.

For instance, if a particular online pokie has an RTP of 94% and the total amount that has been wagered on the game by all the players is $100; then the amount to expect as winnings from the game in its entire lifespan will be $94. RTP is set by the developer of the game and it is a theoretical value. Thus, it's not exact in most cases.

Volatility of Online Pokies

Online pokies are categorized into a level of volatility. Volatility is defined as the risk that you take when you play a particular casino game. It tells you the probability of winning or losing while playing the game. An online slot can either be a low volatility game, high volatility or medium volatility game. A low volatility slot offers players a chance to make frequent small wins.

As for high volatility slots, they offer high payouts but at very low frequency. Progressive jackpot pokies are a type of pokie that falls in this category. They offer high winnings but you won't be able to hit the jackpot often. Medium volatility games share all the good qualities of low and high volatility slots. They are sort of in the middle. They have moderate payout and frequency.

  • The RTP tells you the percentage of the total wagered amount the game will return
  • The volatility tells you the winning and losing probability of the game

Hit Frequency and Other Factors

Another essential thing to consider when choosing the best slots with the highest payout is the Hit Frequency of the game. The hit frequency has to do with how many times you will get a win in the game. For instance, a slot with a hit frequency of 30% means that you will likely hit a win 30times out of every 100times that you play the game.

Most developers have made it easy for players to know all the information about their online pokies. They embed an information menu in their pokies which when accessed will display the payout of the game as well as the RTP and other necessary information. If you don't have a clue how to play online pokies, a good way for you to start is to play the free versions

  • Click the information or help button of a pokie to reveal the information page
  • You can play pokies for free to learn how to play


Choosing a Top Online Pokies Casino

The online casino you choose to play a pokie also affects the payout. If the casino is a bad casino, it may have rigged the games and reduce your winning chances. However, playing at a good casino will give you access to a fair game and you'll also be able to claim different kinds of bonuses that can help you boost your bankroll and winnings on the game.

When selecting a casino you should ensure that you research it well and have all the necessary information about the casino. A good casino is one that is licensed by one of the strictest gaming authorities and that has a solid reputation in the online gaming space. We recommend that you should read reviews about the casino to know how trusted and reliable it is.